Cordless Blinds in a Dining area Evershade Blinds Charlotte NC

Get The Perfect Custom Blinds For Your Home

Blinds are a popular and classic choice for window coverings. Blinds offer both durability and privacy. Get the perfect blinds for your home installed by our experienced experts at Evershade Blinds. All our binds are custom fit to your home and are available in a variety of colors, materials, louver sizes, and textures. Evershade Blinds is a leading source for Custom Blinds in Charlotte NC.


Types of Blinds

Evershade Blinds Wood Blinds Charlotte NC

Wood Blinds

Our wood blinds are crafted from premium hardwood. Wood blinds offer an elegant style with unique grain ant texture. Our wood blinds are available in a variety of paints and stains which provide a durable coating that is made to last.

Evershade Blinds Faux Wood Blinds Charlotte NC

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds provide the look of real wood blinds but at a much cheaper price. Faux wood blinds are crafted from high quality materials and are resistant to cracking, fading, and warping. They are great for areas with high humidity as they do not hold moisture. Our team of experts at Evershade Blinds can help you choose the perfect Blinds for your home.

Evershade Blinds Aluminum Blinds Charlotte NC

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Blinds provide a clean and modern aesthetic to any home. Aluminum blinds are extremely durable and dust resistant. They do not require as much cleaning as other blinds. Aluminum Blinds have smaller slats which creates a contemporary and sophisticated look.

Evershade Blinds Vertical Blinds Charlotte NC

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are an excellent choice for sliding glass doors and large bay windows. Vertical blinds are made from synthetic materials and attach to a top mounted channel. Vertical blinds are cordless and are operated by a wand.

Smart Privacy Blinds compared to Normal Blinds Evershade Blinds Charlotte NC

Get the Most Light Control

Introducing SmartPrivacy® from Norman Window Fashions. With traditionalblinds, the route holes are placed at the front on the slats. This allows for light to pass through the blinds. SmartPivacy® blinds have the routing holes at the back of the slat. This allows for a tighter stack that eliminates the light from passing through. If you want the most light control in your home, then ask our team about Norman SmartPrivacy® blinds during your free design consultation.